"Every ingredient is a memory, every scent a souvenir." 

This is how Marc-Antoine, the French couturier, describes in a short Q&A his refined Eau de Parfum B683 recently launched at Beautik Haute Parfumerie. In a 10 questions interview he talks about his first fragrance, the way he created it, for whom and what is next on his agenda.

Q: Your career is rooted in couture, you worked next to Jean-Paul Gaultier for Hermès, you launched your own house and then came your fragrance B683. How did that happen?
A: I have been really lucky! I think I have a good star looking after me... I always follow my gut/instinct and work hard to achieve my goals but I also have met the right person at the right moment.

Q: You worked with Quentin Bisch for B683. How long did it take for the two of you to create the fragrance?
A: When I met Quentin, perfume was not my language... I am designing either with my pencil or with my needle and threads... but not with words as it is common in perfumery. We were on the same creative symbiosis but to communicate we had to get to really know each other. Quentin made me smell dozens of ingredients asking for my intimate feeling about it... It was like an olfactive psychoanalysis... Every week during months! After that we started building B683 step by step taking our time. It is our way to work together. Two years for one perfume. I think it's worth it!

Q: Is this fragrance imagined just for men? Just like your couture suits, your accessories and your jewelry? You seem to be determined to deliver quite q luxurious and complete experience to your customers. Could you describe it?
A: I created my Maison de Couture in 2009 to offer men the same service that Haute Couture was offering to women... I specialized into tailoring creative pieces to dress gentlemen but it didn't take long before a (gentle) woman asked me to do her tuxedo jackets ;-). 
I offer a delicate, subtle and refined masculine style... Many women like this too!

Q: The ingredients as raw, complex and luxurious as they seem, blend incredibly harmoniously. Do they evoke memories to you? Do they tell a story? What inspired you?
A: Every ingredient is a memory, every scent a souvenir. Quality and harmony is more important to me than anything. With this perfume I tell the story of my brand. A French couturier whose inspiration source its roots in the beauty of Paris as well as in the elegance of some mentors to create contemporary designs. I offer my DNA with the scents I design with Quentin Bisch. 

Q: Who is the man who wears B683?
A: Me ;-). I am wearing B683! (Besides that there is not one type of man... Even women like it! One has to try it to see if it's a perfume for him.)

Q: And who is the woman? Because I can see myself wearing it as well.
A: I answered this above... Men and women wearing it are those confident enough to seek for their own perfume without looking at the brand but looking at the refinement of the scent. B683 is an enigmatic name of an imaginary planet... It's an invitation to try it! 

Q: Your first favorite fragrance? The one you remember distinctively.
A: L'Air du temps from Nina Ricci. I never wore it but it's a sublime perfume that reminds me of someone I really loved.

Q: What makes a fragrance stand out?
A: Its sillage and "finesse". But more than anything it's the match between someone and his perfume.

Q: Are you planning to continue this path? To launch in the future a new fragrance?
A: I guess it's an addiction... We continue to take our time to create great perfumes and it took us two years again to create a second one that will launch next April 16th. 

Q: And a curiosity: what are the grooming products of a French couturier who travels?
A: Not much. My perfume, a shaving soap and brush, a facial oil of Matière Brute Lab that I use for my beard (it's a fantastic fresh cosmetic oil!) and a hair wax of Matrix Cosmetics.