In the magical world of Delfina Delettrez, light and darkness exist side by side and lunar eclipses inspire. The new generation of women have taste for the kind of jewelry that are not only unique in design but also have something to do with the attitude.

Faceted, Delfina's latest collection of fine jewelry, calls you to face reality and also to submerge into your dreams and desires. Hand crafted in Rome from gold and silver and adorned with cognac diamonds, white and black diamonds, rubies and pearls, the piece become a marriage between art and jewelry. 
The Portrait Broach is imagined in different forms to become customisable, while the new style EARclipse earrings come as a single or pair created in white, yellow and rose gold and embellished with a variety of diamonds and pearls.

It looks like there's more to jewelry these days and the way jewelry are presented reflects that. 
Delfina Delettrez may be young, may come from the Fendi family but she knows how to make a woman stand-out.