Certified as a cult fragrance producer, Escentric Molecules made its entrance on the Romanian market last week and sent its "nose" the famous Geza Schoen to give the audience invited to the event hosted by Beautik Haute Parfumerie a better idea about the art of chemistry and the way aroma-molecules are breaking the rules of perfumery. 

When the label was launched, two contrasting scents triggered a revolution: the purist Molecule 01 and the concentrated Escentric 01. The success was instant and 02, and 03 followed. To be more specific and understand his genius approach: each aroma-molecule in the serie is explored in binary pairs and in different ways. 
The Molecule fragrance consists in singular aroma-molecule and becomes unique to the wearer, while the Escentric fragrance focuses on an exceptional aroma-molecule and the rest of the ingredients are chosen in order to amplify its key qualities. 

All the label's Molecules and Escentrics are available now at Beautik Haute Parfumerie.