A reference in the industry, FRED has been since the beginning the byword for superlative craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Colors and light have governed the label's masterpieces,
celebrating the founders origins and passion for craft.

Pain du Sucre (Pão de Açúcar) is one of FRED's most iconic jewelry collection that finds itself once again in the spotlight being enriched with precious stones and cabochons while satin or polished gold with and without diamonds paving. 
It allows the ring to have its moments and offers the wearer the chance to wear interchangeable rings and the the opportunity to adapt the jewel to its mood, the weather, the fluctuations of the day, light and feelings. The collection comes in one ring, three colors of gold twenty-four precious cabochons.
Starting November 10, 2014, a new amazonite cabochon mounted on yellow gold with a green reflecting the Amazon jungle was introduced to the market.