From an early age I realized that weddings are not for me. Way too many fuss, way too crowded and noisy. As I grew up I managed to escape most of the ones I was invited to yet, there were a few  extremely close friends I was not able to refuse and next to I always felt welcomed. 

For me, getting dressed for such an event it was easy. I never thought about a dress code and always felt that the perfect outfit/uniform could only come from Carolina Herrera, and in most of the times, 
a heavenly long flower printed skirt with a white linen shirt did the trick. 

Now, looking back I have to admit that I always felt that a man's outfit should always complete the one of the lady he is accompany. Therefore, to stick to this time of the year where the 
ladies look stunning in floral dresses or skirts, men can make the perfect pair at a wedding by wearing a dashing two piece blue suit. Starting from this sartorial piece, I believe that a white linen long sleeved shirt can be the perfect compliment followed right after by a paisley silk tie and a matching pocket square.  
A well fitted suited, fine tailored, gives you comfort and I believe that beyond function that is what this
major piece has to offer to its wearer to such an occasion. The rest of the items to carry away are 
basics: an elegant watch, a sharp pair of shades, some classic monk straps and a pair of cufflinks to assure a refined presence. 
So that was it. my recipe for a sophisticated attire, at a no fuss summer wedding.