MAWI, Geometric gemstone necklace with crystal leaves and spikes

Usually, behind the success story of an accessory label we tend to find a woman. Usually. But MAWI is anything but usual. It is successful, but not usual. And following this path, behind its success story
there is not only a woman but also a man.
What Mawi Keivom and Tim Awan created in the decade that followed the launch of their label is impressive. A simple visit to the their newly launched website is enough to realize why Mawi is such a favorited name among the sartorial elite and why its unique aesthetic caught so well to the general audience They pushed the boundaries of the modern accessories design and truly made a name for themselves.
This is exactly why, this weeks dream buy is signed by Mawi. Part of the Galaxy Rocks collection, the Geometric gemstone necklace with crystal leaves and spikes is one of my favorite pieces from the SS 14 collection and represents the ultimate combination of whimsical glamour and punk rock detailing.

Special thank you to Mister Tim Awan and Megan Forsdick for their gorgeous materials.