Ever wonder if there is anything Tom Ford can't do? That was the question/topic I had in mind when I was staring at the gorgeous Tom Ford display Beautik instaled in their Radu Beller shop not to long ago. 
 Like nothing else around, empowering as their creator, I consider these perfumes a statement of style. 
The packaging makes me think at a piece of jewelry, and each scent is divine and studied to the last detail. 

It is not a secret that Tom cared about cosmetics and makeup since he was a kid but, not everyone was convinced he had the voice for it. The entire range developed over the past few years follows his characteristic style and the success registered so far proves once again that he actually knows what women want and a little bit more. He knows it better than they do.
Perfumes are only a part of the designer's beauty line available now on his recently launched shop.