The Laundress, Denim wash and Fabric fresh

Is the buzz worth name in the cleaning/super fashionable industry and is not destined only to control freaks such as I am. (Yes, I am obsessed with order and I am prod to say that this is a healthy habit I luckily inherited from my grandmother).
The Laundress is the name I have in my mind and thinking writing about for a very long time. The two ladies that found it, Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd were not always referred as soap mavens. 
Both of them were involved in the fashion industry but confronted with the frustration of replacing prematurely worn items, they decided to take the matter into their own hands. 
Today, they managed to redefine the world of fabric care and are the owners of a label that not only prides itself with a huge range of detergents, fabric care and home-cleaning products but above all, with products that are toxin-free. And if you pay attention to the ingredients list, you will notice that they are also color safe, cruelty-free, perfect even for the most precious cashmere, allergen and gluten-free.