BLK DNM. Stockholm.

 pics: BLK DNM

Johan Lindeberg, the man who made history at Diesel as former Marketing Director and CEO, is now making history with another brand: BLK DNM. A rule-braking one, that seem to please not only the most fashionable people in the music industry  such as Madonna, but also to people who are not willing to follow
trends but rather to create a style of their own.
So, if if are the kind of woman who is not afraid to match her gown and her gorgeous stilettos with a leather jacket, you are going put BLD DNM on your map. 

Johan Lindeberg & Andre Balazs

This is one of the most beautiful stores I have ever seen. I just hope I'll have the chance to visit it one day and walk out of it with one of Johan's amazing leather jackets & a pair of his perfectly cut jeans.