Je voudrais... MAWI.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE MAWI. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
Check this out: Je voudrais... MAWI.



 I can think of a few more. You do not have to stick to this particular number. 
But these are my favorites.


on My Wishlist.

It feels like this is the perfect moment to show you this Givenchy/OBSEDIA handbag. 
A bag whose purpose is to serve a powerful women.
When I first land my eyes on it, FORWARD by elyse walker had this beauty on sale.


Bette in BLK DNM.

Back to BLK DNM and their latest project: 100 Women photographed in BLK DNM women’s  
Tux Jacket 11. A casting with Inez and Vinoodh in New York.
And here is the beautiful Bette.



Lanvin cuff 

Now, you can see why I love NY so much. This city it is a great source of inspiration, the
perfect place to mix things up, and yesterday's picturewas all I needed
to make two proper Friday Night outfits.

NY Landscape.

pics: newlyyorked.tumblr

I do not know if you remember this picture. It ft. in "Towards NEW OBSESSIONS" and right now it
feels like it is the right time to get back to it. Mostly because the weekend is getting closer
and, it just sets the right mood for it.


Sharp enough?

 photo: fau-x. tumblr

I am still having trouble figuring out who designed these shoes... But don't you just love them?


BLK DNM. Stockholm.

 pics: BLK DNM

Johan Lindeberg, the man who made history at Diesel as former Marketing Director and CEO, is now making history with another brand: BLK DNM. A rule-braking one, that seem to please not only the most fashionable people in the music industry  such as Madonna, but also to people who are not willing to follow
trends but rather to create a style of their own.
So, if if are the kind of woman who is not afraid to match her gown and her gorgeous stilettos with a leather jacket, you are going put BLD DNM on your map. 

Johan Lindeberg & Andre Balazs

This is one of the most beautiful stores I have ever seen. I just hope I'll have the chance to visit it one day and walk out of it with one of Johan's amazing leather jackets & a pair of his perfectly cut jeans.


Happy Birthday to My Man.

More than twelve years since we've met and still happy to celebrate another special day next to my man.



There is a thick line between things you love and "objects of desire", and it is always a pleasure to trespass it.  If you are facing a really good Season, like this one,  then you can make a list as long as mine.
I know that the price tag on some of the itemscan be pretty scary but,
there are things that you can afford. Like the Caroline Baggi or the Janis Savitt cuff. But, you can always go crazy with Kanye's shoes, Van Cleef and Arpels's ring,
the rhino ring from Jennifer Fisher (my favorite) or that outstanding Nina Ricci clutch. By the way:
my list is still opened. The Season just began.


'Secret Garden - Versailles' | Long version.

The first version of this film made by Inez and Vinoodh had over 15 mil viewers. That is no big surprise because, when those two geniuses "focus" on something, you know it's going to be a huge success. Now, I am just curious to find out how many people will watch this extended version.



Some people wonder how the inspiration comes. Sometimes, all you need is the right picture. 
And this was the one that inspired me yesterday.


Signed Mario Testino.

This is probably the best Cover for Vogue Paris this year and it is signed by the magnificent Mario Testino.
Since the photo shoot is so amazing, I am not going to show it to you. I'll leave you the pleasure
 to discover it, all by yourself.


Makeup inspiration from Chanel. S/S 2012.

This under water theme is going to take us by storm this Summer. So why not practice & learn from the master: Mister Peter Philips.


(unexpected) High DEGREES.

And very disturbing. I just can't cope with this abnormal temperatures.
PS: Sis', stop by more often. You are the perfect company.