the Beautiful IRINA. Part 1.

pics: Irina Morosanu photographed by Edi Enache



Une Nuit Parisienne.

I miss Paris... And my coffee in Jardins de Tuilleries...



"Moving is what brings life to clothes" says Phillip Lim. And this is one of the reasons I am such a huge fan of loosened pants. Besides the fact that they are so comfortable.
Don't forget to wear a pair of high-heels, just to add that sharp elegant touch.


on My Wishlist.

& House of Lavande - Alan Anderson

Summer is getting closer.
WE ARE HANSOME Australian works of art.
Linda Farrow fashion-forward sunglases
Erickson Beamon & Alan Anderson earrings.



photo: Style.com, Vogue.fr

And rainy I might add. And things are going to stay this way until Saturday. : ( Bummer... Luckily, we have Celine, Nina Ricci, Rochas, Balenciaga, Trussardi and Pringle of Scotland to inspire us.


Back Home.

I just got back home from my Easter Holiday, which was a pretty rustic one (country side, red eggs, cows, chickens, sheep... You will find more pictures from there there on Twitter. : ) Hopefully tomorrow ) and I am trying to find my pace, listening some great music from one of my favorite bands called Moonlight Breakfast and savoring a cup from my amazing green tea. All these beautiful flowers from my living room seem to be pretty helpful as well...



photo: Style.com, themlkywhiteway.tumblr

I must admit that the starting point for this article was Marcia Holmes' s painting. But then it came this beautiful palm tree, Maison Martin Margiela's "original" bracelet and things just got to another level. Now, I believe I have leaves for everyone.


Marcia Holmes.

This beautiful painting belongs to a contemporary artist called Marcia Holmes. I don't know to many things about her other works but I love this painting. It reminds me a little bit of Monet. : )


HAPPY EASTER (kids) !!!

As I promised, today's article is dedicated to fashionable kids. To whom I would like to wish a HAPPY EASTER, no matter when (today or in about a week from now) they celebrate this special religious holiday.


Easter inspiration.

photo: Ali Wang (from patriciafortunado.tumblr)

Easter has never been more exciting then when I was a kid. I was so happy because I knew that I was going to get new clothes, go to the church with my mother and my grandmother, eating "cozonac" (some sort of a huge muffin with cocoa and nuts) and to cracking red eggs... But I am telling you: clothes were on top of my list.
That is why, tomorrow, my post is dedicated to fashionable kids. And I am using this beautiful picture of Ali Wang for inspiration.


URBAN Jungle.

I am always about individuality and I always encourage women to follow their own. So don't be afraid show your individuality and your own individual style. This is the type of outfit I would wear no matter when and where: morning, evening, dinner...
Still scared? Just stop following trends for a while and just try to discover all the great pieces that are out there.


on My Wishlist.

Who wouldn't want to start the week with this two beauties from Tom Binns. Or should I say three... You know how hard it is to keep track when Tom Binns is involved in the equation.