David Mallett. HAIR SERUM #DM027.

Good things do come in beautiful packages. That's what I said to myself today when I opened the gift that Mr. DAVID MALLETT sent me. Remerber DAVID MALLETT? I wrote about his astonishing salon not to long ago. 
Now let's get back to the astonishing part. : ) I never understood why the germans where so keen to find the Golden Shrine in that Indiana Jones movie. But when I opened my little black bottle that contained the precious Hair Serum #DM027 I figured it all out. Because the perfume coming from inside was absolutely divine...

And the perfume is just only one of the assets of this amazing serum that took 3 years to perfect. 3 years in witch Mr. Mallett's team tested 27 different formulation. Until they've come to this: #DM027. A product fitted for all types of hair (including children's hair), that not only smooths the hair (as most of the serums do) but it is immediately absorbed, to protect it from within.

Now, I do not know if the divine perfume, the macadamia nut oil or the amazing hands of DAVID MALLETT turned this serum into a must have of the high parisian society, but I know that I can't wait to try it!